Gerard Marcus


I love albums that take me on adventures. I can put them on, sit back, and be taken all over the place by the sharply contrasting styles and musical textures. It's why I’ve always liked Bibio, and why I recently haven’t been able to stop listening to the Montreal-based Hip Hop collective Dead Obies. Their album Me & My DJ has taken me on a new, refreshing journey every time I’ve listened to it.

Me & My DJ plays more like a well put-together playlist than an album, which I love. In a world where people are listening less and less to albums in their entirety, why not create an album that's already tailored to our short attention spans? At least that way we're still listening to your music, right?

Dead Obies achieve this effect well. With their sparse raps and robust instrumentals, they're able to quickly change up their style without messing with the flow of the album as a whole. It leaves the listener curious and always trying to figure out what’s next.

This is the third album I’ve heard from Dead Obies, and it's by far my favorite. I recommend listing to all their stuff (if for no other reason than that it's free), because they're doing some impressively creative shit.