FIELD REPORT: Alex G // Frankie Cosmos // Palm // Emily Yacina

 All Photos: Pat Raitor

All Photos: Pat Raitor

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Gerard Marcus

In case you were in an alternate universe for the past couple of weeks, I want to let you know that local Brooklyn hotspot The Silent Barn caught on fire. It's been pretty okay as far as fires go, though, because thanks to the amazing support of our local community they're back up and running as of tonight with a Sean Nicolas Savage show and a resonating log installation. Which is awesome.

Last week, AdHoc held a benefit concert for The Silent Barn with a bill of some of our favorite artists. It featured Emily Yacina, who contributed to the new Sunshine Faces record we reviewed; the always amazing Palm; Frankie Cosmos, who has new music in the works; and Alex G, whose recent release Beach Music has been playing non-stop in the office. It was an amazing night of music for a good cause—what more can you ask for? Check out pics from the concert below.

Emily Yacina


Frankie Cosmos

Alex G