FIELD REPORT: The Britanys // Acid Dad // Triathalon // Tall Juan

 All Photos:  Brandon Bakus

All Photos: Brandon Bakus

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Gerard Marcus

Last Tuesday, the always amazing Brandon Bakus headed to Baby's All Right, camera in hand, to capture a fantastic night of music: In Transit Records were holding their 12" compilation release show featuring Tall Juan, Triathalon, Acid Dad, and The Britanys. Check out pics and notes from the night below.

Tall Juan

Tall Juan is a great example of how attitude and stage presence can define a performance. Even though he was up there all by his lonesome, his energy made him seem as if he were an entire band crammed into one person.

His skill as a performer was dwarfed only by the music itself, which enveloped the audience in a fun (and somewhat aggressive) Ty Segall-esque vibe.


Next up was an amazing set from Savannah, GA's Triathalon, whose fun and easy performance was a crowd favorite from the start. Like so many of our favorite bands, when it comes down to it, they just seem like normal people. It was like a group of guys just walked out of the crowd and decided to start playing. Plus, they had matching shirts, which is always cool.

Acid Dad

Acid Dad were completely insane, and their name seemed apt after the first few songs. Imagine a middle-aged man doing acid for the first time, wandering around the NYC psych and garage-rock scene. Then imagine his experience being made into a movie. Then imagine the soundtrack to that movie. There you go: Acid Dad.

The Britanys

Last, but never anywhere close to least, the always-excellent Britnays wrapped the evening up with the seamless, grungy, classic indie-rock sound they do so well. After blazing through a killer set, they rounded out the night with a single, solid power chord. What else would you expect?