photo:  Paula Piqueras // Pau Bonet

photo: Paula Piqueras // Pau Bonet

Gerard Marcus

If you were to ask most people in the music industry to name a Spanish garage rock band, Madrid four-piece Hinds would probably be the first to come to mind. Their carefree, beachy jams have officially landed stateside, and with supporting acts in tow, we think it's safe to say they might be the harbingers of a modern Iberian invasion.

We recently caught up with singer and guitarist Ana García Perrote via email to talk about the surf rock scene in Madrid, the band's infectious positivity, and the highlights from their first ever American tour.

ThrdCoast: How did you all get started in music?

Ana García Perrote: Ade started when she was nine, I think, with singing lessons. She also studied guitar for a few years, but she started bass with us about a year ago! Amber started drums seven years ago, and she's been taking lessons since then too. And Carlotta and I, we started together literally like 3 years ago, when this project started.

TC: What is the story of Hinds changing from a two-piece to the four-person group we know today? Also, why the name change?

AGP: When we started the band as a duo, we didn't know how we were going to sound. But while we were writing songs and getting where we wanted to be, we realized we needed to be an electric band with drums and bass. We had to change the name from Deers because a Canadian band threatened us with a lawsuit if we didn't...

TC: What influences your music? Other artists? Events in your life? Places? Frames of mind?

AGP: Our country, Mac DeMarco, live shows, stories, Black Lips, our friends, The Parrots, the beach, films, weed...

TC: Can you describe the garage rock scene in Madrid? Who are some of your favorite bands from there?

AGP: It's burning right now! You should definitely check out The Parrots, Lois, and Los Nastys. All big friends and influences for us.

TC: What's your relationship with The Parrots?

AGP: They're our best pals from Madrid. We met because of this other band I mentioned, Los Nastys. We're all close friends in the scene—we help each other and share a lot of music and moments!

TC: What's the songwriting process like for the group?

We usually start at Carlotta's place with acoustic guitars. Then when we have something we like, we bring it to our rehearsal space and we work on it until we have the song we want!

TC: What would you say you like to write your songs about?

AGP: This is probably a horrible answer, but to be honest, most of them are simply about love.

TC: When most people I know in the States think of the Madrid garage rock scene they think of you guys. How do you like your recent international success? Have things changed for you much back home?

AGP: Our life in general has changed. We only spend ten days a month at home, and the rest is touring! I like to think that some things haven't changed, though. We do the same things with our friends and families, but we also have to work in time for interviews and whatnot.

TC: How did you connect with Mermaid Avenue?

AGP: Julia wrote us right after we put the two first songs on the internet.

TC: How was your U.S. tour? Any funny or memorable moments? Was it your first time to the States?

AGP: So many memorable moments! We did crowdsurfing at Burgerama, we stayed at Shannon's from Shannon and the Clams' place in San Francisco, we sold out in LA, we partied at Harrison Ford's place... It was only the fist time in the USA for Amber.

TC: Did you have a favorite show?

AGP: Probably one of the SXSW shows (we played 15!) and the Burgerama one!

TC: You guys seem to exude positivity. Are you guys always this happy?

AGP: Most of the time, yes! We try to always have a good sense of humor, that's important.

TC: What's in store for the future of Hinds?

AGP: Our first ever album!

TC: Last question. I remember reading once that when you're on tour you only eat pasta. Is that still true?

AGP: I wish it was... We usually can't eat pasta 'cause we don't even have a kitchen to do it. We try to get it as much as we can when we're home though!