PREMIERE: Eda Wolf - Wild

Will Shenton

It's pretty amazing what you can accomplish as a duo these days. Brooklyn's Eda Wolf, consisting of singer Dea Juris and producer/instrumentalist Emiliano Flowerman, have utilized their vocal and electronic toolkits to build R&B tracks that are far more robust than two people have any right to make. And somehow, at the same time, they manage to keep things simple.

On their new single, "Wild," this dichotomy is on full display. Flowerman's understated beat forms a perfect backdrop for Juris' powerful, emotive vocals, creating an air of subtle hesitation. The lyrics are an admonition, perhaps a desperate one: "Rip out the roots / Find a new ground / Reach for a soil / That will grow you anew." True to form, though, any reticence is shattered by an explosive payoff at the end.

Eda Wolf's debut EP, Slow Speed, is coming soon. In the meantime, bask in the groove of their first two tracks and watch the future of electronic R&B as it unfolds.