All Photos: Brandon Bakus

All Photos: Brandon Bakus

Gerard Marcus

It's a rare occurrence, but every now and again the stars align in Brooklyn and I get the chance to see two of my absolute favorite acts on one bill. After the release of their fantastic new album, Escape From Evil, I was giddy when I heard that Lower Dens would be playing at the Music Hall of Williamsburg for the Northside Festival. For weeks in advance of the concert I had the record on repeat.

And if that wasn't enough, a week before the show I discovered that another of my favorites, Brooklyn locals TEEN, were going to be the opening act. I had wanted to see TEEN ever since their Carolina EP dropped, but for some reason or other I had always missed them when they played in New York. And unlike most things I let myself get my hopes up about, the concert was phenomenal and both acts delivered incredible performances. We've got the photographic proof right here.


I love TEEN. In my mind they can do no wrong. And after several years of trying to see them live, finally witnessing them in action has only made me love them more.

"Stylish" is the only word I can think of to describe these guys. Everything they did on stage, every chord or rhythm they played had an air of cool that still washes over me a week after the fact. If you ever get a chance to see TEEN live, do yourself a favor and go.

Lower Dens

Lower Dens have also been on my list for some time, ever since I first heard Nootropics. Even with a few technical difficulties with what seemed like a new sample playback system, I have to say their performance was better than even I could've hoped.

If STYLE is the one word I could think of to describe TEEN the CONFIDENCE is the word I would use to describe Lower Dens. Every member locked into each song with the skill of a practiced musical veteran justifying in my mind why they are one of the best at what they do.

The group's overall relaxation, their mastery of the material, and Jana's shout-out to the late great Jazz saxophonist and composer Ornette Coleman definitely made the whole experience a night to remember.