REVIEW: LRKR - Wait Too Long EP

Kelly Kirwan

There’s a certain fluidity to lyric-less music. It doesn’t have the structural mileposts of a bridge and hook, and so it lets the mind wander through its rhythms and beats without anticipating what new layer will be added next. It’s experimental and ever-evolving, and lets the sound speak for itself. Exhibit A: the new EP, Wait Too Long, crafted by Bushwick-based producer LRKR (aka Alex Erker).

It’s five tracks are purely instrumental, coming through the airwaves as a genre hovering between hip hop and electronica. Take "Journey," a crinkling percussive track that’s peppered with a brassy trumpet influence from the musician Claire Lorenzo. Another musical cameo includes Paul Smelcer, who helped write the quick-footed piano introduction (and undertone) of the resonating jam "Evolve." In fact, a recurring theme of Wait Too Long is this fuzzy, low-pitched vibe matched with unexpected elements—like the light woodwind interludes of the EP’s final track, "Play Your Flute." It’s the kind of music that draws you into a hazy, lose-track-of-time kind of flow, while still keeping you on your toes.

Wait Too Long is a brooding, bumping venture that seems perfect for those times you want to 1) focus, and 2) get shit done. With Simen Solvang mastering the entire EP, LRKR’s work has stayed varied and still felt cohesive. It’s a fresh contribution to the electronic scene that’s taken a strong foothold in Brooklyn, and I have a feeling LRKR won’t waste time in crafting new material. But for this go-around, we’ll just have to be the ones waiting.