FIELD REPORT: Palm // Cloud Becomes Your Hand // Warehouse // Mega Bog

 All Photos:  Brandon Bakus

All Photos: Brandon Bakus

Gerard Marcus

This was a great show. I mean truly. The stars must have aligned that night, because everything was perfect. The crowd, the bands, the sense of community—it reminded me why I fell in love with the Brooklyn music scene in the first place. So thank you, Palisades, Palm, Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Warehouse, Mega Bog, and everyone who came out to support them for such an amazing night. We took pictures.

Mega Bog

Starting off the night was a beautiful and playful set from Mega Bog. I had never heard of them before the show, and it was nice listening with fresh ears and no expectations. The songs were mellow and didn't take themselves too seriously, echoing the stage presence of the three band members who seemed to be just as comfortable on the stage as they would've been in their own living room.


I first got the chance to see Atlanta's Warehouse live when they opened for one of my local favorites Ava Luna back in April (pics here). I remember absolutely loving Elaine Edenfield's snarling vocals and general "I don't give a fuck" stage presence. Not much has changed. They're still amazing.

Seeing Warehouse live is a really great experience. There's something about the juxtaposition of the beautifully lush indie punk sound of the band and the aggressive percussive vocal style of Elaine that come across differently live than on the record.

Cloud Becomes Your Hand

Earlier in the night, long before the show began, I watched as one of the members of Cloud Becomes Your Hand ran into a fan who had been to one of their shows a few months back. The interaction was particularly great because it was the band member who approached the fan.

He personally thanked the guy for coming out to another of their shows, and then stood and watched some Mega Bog with him. It made me happy to see a musician just be so damn friendly. It also put me in the perfect mindset to listen to the wonderfully chaotic harmony that is Cloud Becomes Your Hand. 

These guys fly through intricate, rhythmically complex, unique pop arrangements better than pretty much anyone I've ever seen. You want to see these guys live. You might not know it yet, but you do.


Are these guys famous yet? If not, I couldn't tell you why. My last review of one of their shows was about a month ago, and I fell just short of calling them my new favorite band. Well, here it finally is: They're my new favorite band.

The music these guys create is utterly engaging on so many levels. Pretty much everything about it is completely hypnotizing, and watching them attempt to tame the beautiful chaos they create is seriously a treat.