VIDEO PREMIERE: Harmonica Lewinski - Mango Mouth

Kelly Kirwan

I like to picture the collective that is Harmonica Lewinski having a continuous grin, a twitch of the lip that’s a telltale sign of mischievous demeanor. This is a band of props and puns (case in point, their namesake), and of course, a good time. And if you had any doubts, their latest video release, "Mango Mouth," hums with warm-weather, lackadaisical waves, kicking off with a deep, groovy bass line and continuing on with tropical-tinged guitar. It’s a montage of an isolated beach party, with clips of the band alternately lounging and playing for the crowd (while rocking the Hawaiian shirt aesthetic, I must say). The lyrics are delivered in an even drawl, littered with invitations to join in on the fun, like, “Stop standing in your doorway baby … Please whisper what your soul is craving.” And that easy, Dionysian buzz gradually seeps over us as we listen—even the most uptight of crowds would be inclined to partake. 

As the song progresses, the camera switches between a subtle fisheye lens to broader shots of the amusements—splashing in the water, swaying with eyes closed to the sedated grunge Harmonica Lewinski is peddling. Towards the end, sunspots flicker across the screen, later joined by spots that would suggest a reel melting over a flame. Beach dwellers twirl lethargically, shaking their hair to the beat, completely engrossed. It’s addictively easy-going—the sort of song that begets sunny skies and a few (who’s counting?) spirits.