VIDEO PREMIERE: Hales Corner - Garden View

Will Shenton

It's easy to get desensitized to nostalgic media, be it music or film or even visual art. There's often a sense of tedium that arises after any one decade has been fashionable for too long ("Really? Another video compiled from old home movies?"), which is the whole reason these things have cycles at all. But every once in a while, a piece comes along that reminds us why we fell in love with the style in the first place.

Hales Corner's gorgeous new video for their album's title track, "Garden View," is just such a piece. The band's mellow, soporific tune drifts along over a series of time-worn (and apparently unrelated) scenes, all unified by their warm haziness. It's a gorgeous, if sadly brief song, and it matches the aesthetic of the visuals so well that it's hard to imagine it accompanied by any style other than nostalgic collage. Like Andy Shauf's phenomenal video for "I'm Not Falling Asleep," "Garden View" embraces the simplicity of its concept, and makes for a truly enjoyable reverie.