REVIEW: Poppies - Double Single

Kelly Kirwan

“Cosmic cocoa treats we chew half a ton / I haven't been this high since prom / I forget what to do and how it’s done…”

The words have a slight wobble to them, a pitch that wavers in its quirky soprano as it wades across the lyrics. The song follows a meandering, circular pace, as if trailing the most intimate of thoughts as they fluttered and spiraled across one’s mind. The song in question belongs to Poppies, the latest addition to New York City’s indie rock scene, delivering gentle trills and delicate, acoustic-leaning instrumentation. The above track, “Egghead,” shares a release with “Mistakes,” and—as one might surmise—each song is cloaked in a light veil of melancholy and slight self-effacement.

“Mistakes” has heavier rock flourishes towards the end, but in the beginning, it feels stripped down. Not bare, but a no-frills fragility. As we pass the three-minute mark though, the instrumentation takes on a heavier hand. It’s a song about the missteps in a relationship that later on cause cracks, with vocalist May’s (no surname given) softly sighing treble delivering the lines, “I can see the mistakes as I’m making them / I can feel him break as I’m breaking him.”

The track cleverly plays with this astute self-awareness, as May later sings, “You doubted my doubt? I doubt it / Well no doubt there is no doubt this time.” The word shifts meaning as it flips between two perspectives, proving Poppies are no one-trick pony. There’s weight behind their words. And as for the verdict on this debut Double Single? We’re doubly impressed.