TRACK REVIEW: Rexx - Motion

Sometimes, a few lyrics can do more to capture the essence of a song than a third-party review, so we'll let Rexx's latest single "Motion" speak for itself:

"Don't know why I thought today would be a significant one / I had a vision in my head, it was different than this / There were 30-foot tall dads with Oakley shades / New Balance sneakers and switchblades."

It's hard to tell whether we're supposed to take this vignette as a serious engagement with parental relationships, or simply as the fever-dream weirdness so common in the noise-rock world Rex Osterkamp occupies. Either way, the matter-of-fact delivery and blistering pace of the track doesn't give you much time to think about it.

Though "Motion" belongs to a class of abrasive math rock that isn't usually known for its catchiness, it's a strangely irresistible song. The relentless energy is seriously fun, and underpinning it all is an obsessive attention to detail that makes repeat listens all the more engaging.

Coming on the heels of 2014's I Really Tried to Save The Day :/, it's exciting to see how this act moves forward.