PREMIERE: Alpenglow - Following The Scene

Often, a music video is at its most effective when it simply complements and enhances the musical qualities of a song, giving it an arresting, physical element—it doesn't always have to be a high-drama short film. Alpenglow's latest video, "Following The Scene," does just that with confidence and mesmerizing energy.

The video features two primary shots: one of their drummer as he crafts the song's driving pulse, compelling and persistent, and one of a cadre of dancers moving robotically in time to the rhythm as if transfixed. Their faces are blank and their choreography is somewhat unnatural, but given the context it's oddly infectious. How else would you dance to a piece like this?

The contrast in lighting is also striking, with the shots of the drummer and vocalist relatively naturally lit, while the dancers are obscured in blue silhouettes, illuminated only from a single, bright point to their rear. It gives the whole scene a sense of unreality, as if they're simply synesthetic figments of the musicians' imaginations.

It's an absolutely gorgeous video, and one that does justice to "Following The Scene" without attempting to overshadow it—in short, exactly what a music video is supposed to do.