PREMIERE: Multa Nox - Simmer

Gerard Marcus

Multa Nox's upcoming EP might be one of the most well-crafted pieces of music I’ve heard this year—every sound seems like it's exactly where it's supposed to be. A prime example of that is its first single, "Simmer." In it, composer Sally Decker crafts a style that ebbs and flows, creating a world that beautifully balances tension and release. Her use of different sonic qualities, amplitude, and position in the stereo field draws listeners in and refuses to let go.

It's a testament to her development as a composer that "Simmer" falls more into the realm of enveloping experience than isolated single, feeling (true to its title) like a pot of water boiling around you. Her overall production chops, mastery of synths, and attention to detail allow her to convey that aesthetic of submersion with grace and subtlety.

Granted, this isn’t music for everyone. It's a style that encourages focus, not on any one subject in particular, but on the act of listening itself—"Simmer" will, quite frankly, challenge your concept of what it means to engage with music. The full Multa Nox EP comes out next week, and there are few things we'll recommend more as the soundtrack to a contemplative spring.