PREMIERE: Flowerman - What The Water Gave Me (Remix)

Raquel Dalarossa

Though Emiliano Flowerman is best known for his work in projects like Eda Wolf (with Finnish jazz vocalist Dea Juris) and the earlier FLWRS + Maralisa (with Maralisa Simmons-Cook, now of Space Captain), the NYC-based producer is venturing into new territory. His first official solo release is a dance track that loosely plays with and reworks Florence + the Machine’s “What the Water Gave Me” to captivating results.

Flowerman’s penchant for robust vocals is no secret given his track record, but here he plays with Florence’s layered voice in inventive new ways. “There’s this one part in the middle of [“What the Water Gave Me”] where all the instrumentals fade away and it’s just this really powerful chorus. That moment of that song just always felt really powerful to me,” he explains, “so I actually just dropped it into Ableton and started creating some synthesizers actually out of that sample.”

The final product may be rooted in the Florence track, but it’s very much its own entity. The mix is atmospheric yet booming, and follows in the footsteps of SBTRKT’s aesthetic. It’s a natural fit for any New York City dance floor, and hints at an unfolding new avenue for Flowerman’s production work. “The solo stuff is something I’m very interested in. I’m in the very beginnings of putting together a solo record,” he confesses, adding that his “solo style tends to be a little more dance-y…so it’s been more fun.” Fun for him to compose, and certainly fun for us to listen to.