PREMIERE: Fir Cone Children - Turn Around

Kelly Kirwan

Known for heavy helpings of distortion on his tracks, Berlin-based artist Fir Cone Children (aka Alexander Leonard Donat) stays true to his signature style on the latest single, "Turn Around," which is nested under his fresh-minted album, Firconium. It’s a song that stays the course on the kind of dream-punk, shoegaze genre that Donat has become known for, and never has this branch of music been so optimistic. Lush with reverb and brimming with fuzz, "Turn Around" carries on for just two minutes—another trademark. It’s an interesting balance he strikes, pairing rich, grittier melodies with unfazed and minimalist lyrics. "Turn Around" pulsates between an unruly and easygoing nature, the frayed edges of the track threatening to spill over into a kind of laid-back chaos.

The chorus revolves around his relaxed croon, "Turn, turn, turn around / It makes me dizzy," the words a gentle stroke in the otherwise quick-footed, percussion-dense backdrop. Donat’s voice veers into lightweight, high-reaching octaves as the instruments swirl between moments of intensity and detached, deliberate points of punctuation. It’s sweaty rock 'n' roll paired with sunny vocals, and Donat’s breezy timbre rises and falls with each syllable in one of the closing lines, "I want to be close to you." It’s a head-banger that opts out of punk’s dips into agitation—a track that has a rough touch and, still, a summery disposition.