PREMEIRE: Spaghetti Dogs - Yummy!

When you set aside the politics, the counter-culture rebelliousness, and all the other controversial incidentals, punk is supposed to be fun. It's high-energy, catchy (especially when it comes to the recently-resurgent subgenre of pop-punk), and impossible to ignore in a way that most other rock can only hope to be—which is probably why Spaghetti Dogs' new EP, Yummy!, is so damn enjoyable. It cuts out all the crap and has an unabashedly good time.

Something of an indie supergroup, featuring members of altopalo and Fat Heaven, Spaghetti Dogs has an air of carefree, side-project catharsis about it. This is an outlet that allows for low-stakes screwing around, and in the hands of musicians as talented as these, it's really a treat. "I hate my boss! / And I hate his boss! / And when they go out / I pull down my pants / And shit on their desk," they shout on "Dream Songs About Your Dad," in a comical distillation of punk's occasionally directionless angst.

As we've come to expect from both bands that created it, Spaghetti Dogs is also characterized by impressively tight instrumentals and songwriting. The DIY, basement-rock aesthetic belies that composure a bit, but these are songs that remain interesting well after the initial hooks wear off. Yummy! is the best of both worlds, combining the raucous fun of punk with some depth to back it up. Here's hoping it grows into a project that sticks around.