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Using advertising to get your brand in front of a specific target audience is becoming more and more difficult in our increasingly decentralized world. At ThrdCoast, we understand this, and we've worked to build an audience that's hard to come by: one that’s loyal and engaged.

Why does our audience trust us? Because we make sure that every song, album, music video, and concert we cover is worth their time. Music is our passion, and nothing is more important to us than sharing that passion through daily tracks, thoughtful reviews, our own productions, and–most importantly–by connecting bands to new fans.

ThrdCoast is growing rapidly because we offer authenticity. In a digitized, increasingly impersonal world, we emphasize the personal touch above all–and people like us for it. We engender respect because we show respect, and trust quickly follows.

The relationship we have with our audience is deep, genuine, and benefits our advertising partners as much as it does our readers and ourselves. We hope you'll join us as we grow and create an even richer space for the curation, development, and advancement of music culture in society.



Gerard Marcus and Jordan Feinstein, Co-Founders of ThrdCoast



Our Audience

Over 5,800 Facebook followers

  • 56% women, 44% men, 90% 18 to 34 years old
  • 2x more likely to work in music or related industries
  • Our fans are 4x more likely than average to share, comment on, or like a post or page
  • We have higher fan engagement in actual raw numbers than prominent music blogs many times our size, including The Wild Honey Pie and Et Musique Pour Tous

Over 8,000 monthly site visitors with 12,000 page views

  • We have a growing ratio of page views to unique visitors, because people are spending more time on ThrdCoast every time they visit
  • 53% of our traffic is direct, which means our fans don't need to be reminded to check our site–they come here on their own
  • 3x as many visitors start at our homepage than on any unique piece of content, demonstrating their connection to our brand itself rather than a single trending article
  • Our fans are almost entirely young men and women who love music in New York City

And while we certainly have fun throwing those statistics around, they're nothing compared to the picture painted by the conversations we have with our fans

Hello ThrdCoast! I came across your page and was really intrigued. Your originality is duly noted and the excitement to see you guys expand will be great to watch. Keep up the grind and you definitely have me as a fan! Stay blessed!!!

-Iffy E.

And with the artists themselves

Thank you ThrdCoast for your very thoughtful and poignant premiere for our new music video for This Could Be HA. It's write ups like this that make me feel like it's all worth it... cause you GOT it. On so many of the more important deeper levels.
Thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!
-Lila Rose



When you sponsor with ThrdCoast, you don't only get our audience–you also reach the fanbase of our featured artists.

Your brand is directly integrated into our content with full-spread banners. Our artists have incredibly dedicated fans, and your brand will be forever attached to one of their breakout premieres or first interviews as their popularity grows in the future.


  • Banners in both our listen and watch sections
  • Placement both between and within articles
  • $300 / month


  • Banners in our listen and watch sections, as well as in read, home of our most popular content
  • Placement both between and within articles
  • $600 / month


  • Banners in our read, listen, and watch sections, both between and within articles
  • Prime banners on our homepage
  • $1000 / month

Please contact sponsorship@thrdcoast.com for more information

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