PREMIERE: Las Piñas - Tiburon

Buenos Aires-based Las Piñas first caught our attention a few weeks back, and we've been hooked ever since. Along with bands like Hinds and La Luz, the surf-pop duo has clearly tapped into the beachy zeitgeist of today's garage-rock, and their newest video embraces it to the fullest.

Channeling the band's origins in a sweltering Argentinian basement, "Tiburon" does a fantastic job of capturing Las Piñas' irreverent, DIY spirit. The spastic camcorder gives it an air of half-assed home movies and carefree high-school summers with friends, and it's endearing as hell.

Las Piñas' new EP El Perro Beach is out August 15th on San Antonio-based Yippe Ki Yay Records.