PREMIERE: The Future Scares Me - Slow Down

Brooklyn three-piece The Future Scares Me is set to release their debut EP, 'Til It's Dark Out, on December 8th, and in the meantime we've got an exclusive look at their latest single "Slow Down."

It's an evocative, thoughtful track that brings to mind some of our other favorite synth-pop acts like Neighbors and Goodbye Heart. Sonia Sundelson's vocals are approachably rough around the edges, providing a nice counterpoint to the buttery-smooth electronics and understated percussion (all acoustic, a welcome surprise in this genre), as well as some achingly nostalgic lyrics.

You'll learn very quickly, as we did, that immediately hitting repeat when it ends results in a pretty flawless transition. That bodes well for a song as irresistible as this, especially when we have a whole month to kill waiting for more.