TRACK REVIEW: Slow Dakota - I Saw Christ Crying in Hermès

Will Shenton

Slow Dakota (aka PJ Sauerteig) is a difficult artist to pin down. Informed by a background as robust in poetry as in music, his songwriting has a distinctly impressionistic, yet nonetheless narrative quality that gives it a depth demanding of nigh-academic analysis.

"I Saw Christ Crying in Hermès" is no exception to this. It's a track that's at once intimate and expansive, cerebral and emotional, and utterly gorgeous with relatively straightforward instrumentation. Sauerteig has planted his flag somewhere on the border between folk and baroque pop, but without ever meandering—just when you think the song has fizzled out, it explodes into a powerful chorus that wraps things up with aplomb.

Though there's surely a lot to say about this latest cut from The Ascension of Slow Dakota, it might just leave you speechless.