TRACK REVIEW: Saint Corsair - Brushes Like A Fox

Will Shenton

After listening to "Brushes Like A Fox," the latest track from Saint Corsair's debut EP on indie label Furious Hooves, Velvet & Soil seems to be a perfectly fitting name for the album. On it, the Savannah, Georgia-based band paints two seemingly contradictory sounds—one is a smooth, shimmering instrumental waltz, equally synthesized and organic, while the other is a voice whose gravelly drone draws the instruments back down to earth.

It's a beautiful juxtaposition, pitting a sultry tune against restrained, almost pessimistic lyrics and delivery, and it serves to give the song some real complexity that warrants multiple listens. We're excited to see where Saint Corsair goes from here, as it's the first we've heard of them so far—if the rest of their stuff is anything like "Brushes Like A Fox," prepare to be impressed.