PREMIERE: Grace Vonderkuhn - Most Loved

Raquel Dalarossa

Just about a year after Grace Vonderkuhn’s eponymous debut EP appeared on Bandcamp, the multi-instrumentalist and singer has returned with an instant earworm. “Most Loved” sees Vonderkuhn lean more decidedly towards pop, crafting an enticing, weightless single out of relaxed repetition.

The track is a straightforward and rather minimalistic declaration of love with Vonderkuhn maintaining a nonchalant air in her vocals from start to finish (in other words, it’s probably your best shot at an effortlessly cool Valentine’s Day anthem). It strikes as markedly different from her last release, a stray Psychedelic Furs cover, and most of the five tracks on her EP, which were heavy in grimy, fuzzy, rumbling guitar. By contrast, “Most Loved” is a light, watery track in which Vonderkuhn’s voice sparkles as she croons through lines like “I must be the luckiest alive / I don’t want to spend another night without you.”

Though the Wilmington-bred musician has just seven releases to her name (each of which features Grace on guitar, bass, percussion, and keys), she’s made it obvious she has a knack for psychy garage rock, dream pop, and everything in between. Her Bandcamp says her home-recorded tunes are “for true believers,” and suffice it to say, I’m a believer.