REVIEW: Two Another - EP 1

Raquel Dalarossa

Two Another seem to have materialized out of thin air. Not too much is known about the Sydney-born, London-bred indie funk duo, except that each of the three songs they’ve released since December have drawn serious attention.

Two Another’s Soundcloud has garnered hundred of thousands of plays and, with summer fast approaching, the official release of their debut EP is perfectly timed. The group’s mellow, R&B-infused take on nu-soul evokes the feeling of sipping a cool, tangy cocktail on a rooftop bar, the scene back-dropped by a warm, setting sun.

The very first track on the EP, and the first one to get circulated around the blogosphere, “Higher,” combines a Bonobo-inspired beat with a retro bass line. The vocals, which come across almost like a modern revamp of the Bee Gees, adds to the deeply funky vibe. It’s an immersive sound that envelops the listener with its warm, bright and twinkling atmosphere. “Keeping Me Under,” the second track, places more emphasis on the vocals. “Am I really that embarrassing / That you’re keeping me under / Under wraps,” gleams the chorus, a catchy line that channels major dance hits of the eighties (emphasized by the falsetto overtones and accompanying rhythmic guitar) but ultimately still feels honest and vulnerable.

The final track, “Shouldn’t Have Done That,” scales back and zeroes in on a sliding bassline, with just a few notes dancing over it and a gently-clapping beat beneath it. It’s still the kind of vibe you’d expect at a trendy European lounge, but there’s an air of aching regret to it. It’s dance music that feels relevant outside of the dance floor, and the perfect herald to warm, balmy months, as well as the nostalgia we’re bound to feel as soon as they’ve passed.