VIDEO PREMIERE: LUKA - You Can Tell Me Everything

It's rare that we find ourselves genuinely laughing out loud at a music video, and rarer still for that video to be as endearing as LUKA's latest, "You Can Tell Me Everything." It's a slow burn, spending nearly a minute and a half voyeuristically watching its protagonist mope around a sparsely-furnished room, play with his cat, and regard himself uncertainly in the mirror as a wistful acoustic guitar tune plays over the scene. If you didn't stick around, it'd be easy to think this was just another self-indulgently boring indie video.

And then, without warning, the man onscreen breaks into an understated, goofy, vaguely Napoleon Dynamite-esque dance routine. It's so far out of left field that we couldn't help but giggle, and while we could imagine that same scene playing out with some palpable pretension, something about its performance is utterly, irresistibly likable. The song itself is charming, and lends an air of earnest believability to the video—take a watch for yourself and try not to fall in love.

Catch LUKA On Tour

08.19 Kingston, ON | Musiiki Cafe w/ Konig
08.20 Peterborough, ON | Peterborough Folk Fest (Solar Stage: 2:45)
08.26 Toronto, ON | Electric Fetus - Rooftop Show w/ Julie Doiron + Nick Ferrio
09.09 Montreal, QC | Mothlight (House Show)
09.14 Peterborough, ON | The Garnet w/ Ada Lea