PREMIERE: Bryson Cone - Color Of Love (feat. Cat Hoch)

We think it's safe to say that the '80s are, at least in our circles, back in full swing. Retro-styled synths abound in our music, beloved childhood films are receiving homages to match our nostalgia, and everybody seems to be wishing the worst politician we had to deal with was Reagan. It's led to some fantastic, intentionally referential art, the latest installment of which is Bryson Cone's single, "Color Of Love (feat. Cat Hoch)."

Blending synthesizers and soaring electric guitars both venerable and modern, this is a track that embraces the melodrama of decades past. As the male and female vocals alternate, occasionally harmonizing, it's not hard to imagine yourself wandering down a dark city street, awash in faded neon lights and melancholy‚ÄĒessentially, a scene from every moody '80s film ever made. And yet, thanks to Cone and Hoch's chops in both songwriting and execution, "Color Of Love" is more than just a timely tribute. It's a song that stands on its own as great pop, regardless of the year.