PREMEIRE: Fieldings - Fruit

Laura Kerry

Lucinda Hearn, the woman behind Australian band Fieldings, has proven herself a master of combinations. In “A Pleasant Stutter,” a song that attracted some attention last year, the artist merged dewy vocals with seamless synth-pop production, field recordings from a thunderstorm, and a car safety ad from the ‘70s, creating a fiery and alluring effect.

On her newest EP, Fruit, the artist gets even smoother with her mashups. Throwing into the mix a full band, a move to New York, and a range of life experiences, Hearn has emerged with three dazzling songs. On “Heartless,” “Oh Yea You,” and “Peach,” the band moves from cinematic flourish to quiet reflection, swells of synth to earthy pops of bass, and the baroque romance of Bat For Lashes with the pop perfection of Lana del Rey—all immersed in a bath of reverb and dripping with satisfying warmth.

“Heartless,” Fieldings' single, talks about the end of a relationship using the image of the end of summer. As we all of face the sadness of that experience a day before the start of fall, Fruit offers the perfect companionship.