PREMIERE: Pompey - Fractions


Will Shenton

On his latest track, "Fractions," Pompey (AKA Montreal's Alex K.S.) polishes up his production without losing any of the endearing quirks that make his music so likable. Using almost childlike shouts from backup vocalists Thanya Iyer and Daniel Gelinas in the chorus, it's a song that emphasizes the innocence of our anxieties and the ways they can be softened by love.

The lyrics are simple, but powerful in their structure. Each chorus lists the myriad hesitations of our narrator: "I say 1 out of 2 of my thoughts that are true / I say 1 out of 3 when I want to be me / I say 1 out of 4 when I try to be more / Like the people I adore." The infectiously playful melody seems to belie the track's confessional nature, but when we reach the end, we realize that this is an optimistic tune after all. After a bit of stammering indecision ("I say 1 more / I say 1 more..."), the singer comes to terms with his vulnerability and admits, "I say 1 more thing when I'm with you."

Refreshingly straightforward and relatable, "Fractions" bodes well for Pompey's forthcoming EP, More is Less, which will be released this spring.