PREMIERE: Teton - Strike It Rich

Will Shenton

Bursting to life with all the simmering tension of a late-night '80s chase scene, Teton's debut single, "Strike It Rich," is a compelling track on every level. Richly textured with synths, relentless percussion, and an array of distinctive vocals, it grabs your attention and holds it to the very end.

A trio consisting of Elizabeth Lovell, Sam Klickner (Wei Zhongle), and Jef Hill, Teton takes its inspiration from wildly disparate sources, including everything from Kate Bush to medieval choral music. Their respective backgrounds range from classical piano to the DIY scene of the American midwest, and that eclectic blend of old and new makes for a unique, enrapturing sound.

Slightly off-kilter throughout, "Strike It Rich" is emblematic of the group's forthcoming debut, Candy Spelling, which asserts itself with similar explorations of self-described "contrapuntal art-pop." Keep an eye out for the album, which drops 7/21 on Portland, Maine label Pretty Purgatory.