PREMIERE: Eugene Sounds - Cigarettes and Light Beer

Will Shenton

When we first heard Eugene Sounds' (aka Andras Pokorny) debut LP, The Loops, it was hard to pick a single track to write about. The album demands to be listened to as a whole, its beats and groovy basslines flowing seamlessly from one song to the next, resulting in an all-instrumental project in which it's easy to lose yourself.

"Cigarettes and Light Beer," the third track on the album, is one of its punchier songs. Opening on cymbal-heavy percussion and straightforward but driving bass, it gradually introduces an electric guitar that solos its way through the remainder. Like the rest of The Loops, it's distilled down to its most basic elements for a nearly primal effect.

Luckily, you don't have to wait long to hear the track in context, which is where it truly shines. The Loops drops in full on Good Behavior Records this Friday, July 28.