The YeahTones - Lightning

By Jordan Feinstein

There’s something about classic rock that’s like a megaphone to my body telling it “sway and bob your head now, it’s not really up to you, away you go.” I’ve always attributed it to the catchy hooks, bombastic guitar, driving drums–all the elements that define rock and roll. “Lightning,” the new single by Brooklyn punk-rockers The Yeahtones, has all of these boxes checked. It’s a fun, loud rock song about a girl making frontman Jake Pinto feel like he’s been struck by lightning. But it got me thinking about what it is in good rock and roll that can make your body not care that you’ve heard all of these elements a million times. What makes it not just a bunch of checked boxes in a list of standard elements of a rock song?

The answer is certainly confidence. The confidence to go “here’s our loud rock song about a girl. It’s got drums, bass, guitar, and a catchy hook” and make it something that doesn’t feel new, but kicks enough ass that it doesn’t really matter. The Brooklyn music scene right now is awash with artists diving deeper and deeper into music as therapy, songwriting as a method of introspection. It’s important to be able to find an artist who writes something that makes you feel less alone, which is at the core of our generation’s attachment to music that we know our parents would find almost nauseating in its depths of self-examination. It’s fun to hear a song not concerned with that, a song that makes you feel only that you’re in dark room with loud music and sticky floors, and a beautiful girl just looked at you for the first time.

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