Gabe Goodman - Envision It

By Abigail Clyne

At first watch, Gabe Goodman’s new video for “Envision It” seems a bit inscrutable, but dive in and what he’s going for is clear. “Envision It” is a song detailing that dizzying feeling we all get when meeting someone new. Those butterflies we all experience are exciting, but also bring along a heap of anxiety. It’s hard for him to give into these new feelings of love, as he sings in the chorus, “Hard to envision it / hard to live within it / hard to feel good.” However, throughout the video, Gabe does his best to reconcile the fact that it’s ok to feel this confusion. At the end of the day, this feeling is a good one. 

The video opens on a distorted close-up of Gabe’s face, mirroring the haziness and confusion he’s feeling about this new rush of lust. Later, he does a headless robotic dance, seemingly wanting to literally lose his head and live his life on autopilot. At one point he scrunches his face as if he’s only now realized what he’s said out loud. Through all of this confusion, by the end Gabe seems to pull himself together. The distortion of his face disappears, and he’s no longer singing along, the chorus playing on as he stares motionlessly. Who knows what will happen next. I hope he goes and finds this new love, after all, they took a bus to get to him.