PREMIERE: Jonah Parzen-Johnson - Too Many Dreams (Remix) [feat. twig twig]


Will Shenton

With twig twig's new remix of Jonah Parzen-Johnson's "Too Many Dreams," from last summer's I Try To Remember Where I Come From, the track is wholly transformed. Where the original simmers and meanders, a meditation on its intertwining saxophone and electronics, twig twig's is punchy right out the gate. Opening with elastic synths and an anticipatory falsetto, it's not long before Parzen-Johnson's saxophone bursts into an explosive hook, propelling the song from one irresistible groove to the next.

The collaboration between artists as stylistically diverse as Parzen-Johnson and twig twig makes for some startlingly intricate textures as well. At any given moment, the interplay of synths, percussion, sax, and ever-so-slightly distorted vocals gives the track a richness that's a joy to unravel. "Too Many Dreams" is a blend of ingredients that demands more exploration, and we hope we'll see these two working together again in the future.

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14/4/18 - Paris, France - Le Zorba

15/4/18 - Köln, Germany - Salon De Jazz

18/4/18 - Opwijk, Belgium - Nosta

19/4/18 - Ghent, Belgium - Bar Mirwaar

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