VIDEO PREMIERE: V.V. Lightbody - Fish In Fives

Will Shenton

V.V. Lightbody's self-described "nap-rock" earns its title on her dreamy new video, "Fish In Fives." Taken from her forthcoming solo LP, Bathing Peach, the soporific tune seems to take its bedroom-pop moniker literally, meandering among shots of the Chicago-based artist abortively trying to wake up and face the day. Awash in sleepy haze and Lightbody's soothing vocals, it's a deeply introspective song that steps back from a relationship in favor of self-discovery.

We see that self-discovery somewhat literally in the form of Lightbody's attendants, who seem to represent her own multifaceted indecision. As they lounge around her on the bed, help her get dressed in the bathroom, and watch her chop flowers in the kitchen, we're invited to see them as aspects of her own personality. It's as if she's yet to choose her own identity, but as soon as she leaves the house to lazily rollerblade around town, she's an individual once again. Her bedroom is where she retreats to grow, and the world outside is where she tries on her new self.

This is all to say nothing of the song itself, which is gorgeously groovy. Lightbody's voice, whether solo or harmonized, is the perfect vehicle for its naturalistic vignettes ("You know I'm just a little fox, babe / In its neighboring den / Sitting hens in a box"), and the understated jazz-pop instrumentals are irresistible. Warm and approachable, "Fish In Fives" is nonetheless cerebral, and the blend of concepts and styles it contains are truly impressive.

Bathing Peach is out June 15, 2018. Be sure to catch V.V. Lightbody's album release show TONIGHT (June 8) in Chicago!