Being Dead - Fame Money Death Drive By

By Gerard Marcus

I love records that makes me think, and Being Dead’s new EP, “Fame Money Death By Drive By,” is shaping up to be one of those records. A collection of five songs crafted by muti-instrumentalists Juli Keller and Cody Dosier, the EP explores themes of rebellion, privilege, authority, self-consciousness, and freedom in one wild sonic package where self analysis seems encouraged. They accomplished this not by asking any specific questions of the listener, but through their own introspection. Each of the five songs seem to point right back at their authors. Musings discovered in a personal magnifying mirror, only to then be laid down on tape. All the elements of the songs, from their lyrical content to their production style, exude a rawness of expression that says it’s ok to question what it means to be a part of this world. Now finding and answer, that’s a different story.