Toebow - Key Song

By Gerard Marcus

New York indie pop wizards Toebow’s entire persona seems to exist in the surreal. They describe themselves as a “cartoon psych pop party,” and their recent debut album ‘Themes’ and accompanying video for “Mr. Tony” have done a great job of creatively honing the power of the outlandish. Their new video for the track “Key Song,” directed by Bernard Feinsod, is no different, stylishly showcasing a day at the beach with the group–a perfect visual accompaniment to the fun loving, playful tune. But their surreality manages to shine through, the peppy tone and sunny vibes in stark contrast to the song’s story of the end of a toxic relationship. It shows the beach as place to process and meditate, spending some time in the sun with friends to try and cope with stresses that seem ever present and extremely distant all at once. It’s a perfect summer track for an imperfect life, and it has me looking forward to many days at the beach.