I Ache

TRACK REVIEW: Pastel - I Ache

With a title like "I Ache," you could probably guess going in that Pastel's newest single is pretty thoroughly steeped in melodrama. It's an absolutely gorgeous melodrama, though, and one that is so convincingly sincere that it's easy to get sucked in.

This is the first track from Pastel's upcoming EP Bone-Weary, which is due out sometime early this year. It blends elements of R&B, dream pop, and ambient electronics that are irresistibly smooth, and when the vocals come in after about a minute and a half ("It's so hard to be stable / When the hold that I cling to is not") there's a bit of a retro-devotional, Twin Shadow-esque vibe.

"I Ache" is broken into three parts: an intro comprised mostly of soft synths and choral voices, a middle section that serves as something of a verse, and a finale that spends the last two minutes releasing a subtle—but nonetheless powerful—explosion of sound. It's a song that you can get lost in, replete with broad, painterly instrumental strokes and a sense of scope that seems greater than its runtime.

Needless to say, we're looking forward to this new EP.