VIDEO PREMIERE: Evelyn - Slowly

Will Shenton

With a vivid interplay of color, shadow, and movement, Brooklyn quintet Evelyn's new video, "Slowly," is as mesmerizing as it is cathartic. A collaboration between lead singer Dani Lencioni, dancer Kirstin Huber, and video artist Kameron Neal, it pairs the wistfully cloud-parting track with watercolor projections and Huber's alternately restrained and turbulent movements.

The title track from Evelyn's new EP, "Slowly" is a song the band describes as an exploration of "the futility of temperance at the beginning of a significant life change." We feel these abortive attempts at self-control in every facet of the piece, from the instrumentals that build and recede to Huber's own abrupt changes in style.

And it's Huber's personal story that makes the video all the more impactful. At age 26, she underwent double hip surgery, and it was only after her recovery that she decided to pursue her dream of being a dancer. "The song perfectly encapsulates what my journey from disability to dancing has felt like," she explained. "To me, it's about losing yourself and finding yourself at the same time. It's about taking a plunge into something that you're scared of but want more than anything." As the video concludes, we see Huber locked in a warm, vulnerable embrace for the first time—someone to catch her after the plunge.

Catch Evelyn's EP release show at Bowery Electric on 4/14