VIDEO PREMIERE: Toebow - Belong

Will Shenton

Toebow is a band that artfully straddles the border between sincerity and goofiness. Their music is intricate, meticulously crafted with layer upon layer of dynamic instrumentals and harmonizing vocals, and yet they describe their sound as "a progressive cartoon rock soundtrack forged from the inner goofs of the human soul." It's as if the assiduous care they take in their songwriting demands they blow off some steam on the periphery, and frankly, it's always nice when a group this talented doesn't take itself too seriously.

Fresh from their forthcoming debut EP, Spirit Mane, Toebow's new video for "Belong" is a perfect encapsulation of this style. With a strangely chaotic precision, guitars build one by one atop driving percussion as we witness the assembly of a ritualistic feast. Comically earnest, the band members stuff and adorn themselves with fruit before donning masks that might be eerie if they weren't fitted with giant googly eyes. And by the time the third chorus rolls around, everyone onscreen is worshipping a pineapple—"the spiky, complicated fruit of the soul," in the words of the band.

"Belong" is a gorgeous track, replete with the infectious mysticism of acts like Yeasayer or Dirty Projectors, yet delivered with tongue firmly in cheek. Between this and the EP's first single, "Starfucker," April 6 can't come soon enough.