Wsabi Fox - Gushing [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

By Phillipe Roberts

To Gush is to confront your wounds & inner dark, to acknowledge your blues, and how you respond to conflict. To Gush is also to unabashedly overflow with excitement for new love (self-love, romantic, & otherwise), and to express it fearlessly. - Wsabi Fox

On one of last year’s most compelling EPs, Jennae Santos tore open the first of hopefully many portals into the world of her math glam alter-ego, Wsabi Fox. Embodying sludgy psychedelia, warped post-rock, and clouds of glittering ambience, Santos’ indulgent approach to songcraft on Gushing held space for both thrilling progressive jams and healing self-devotion.

In this latest transmission, a long-awaited music video for “Flamingo”, Santos captures a new aspect of Wsabi Fox universe. She prowls through a dance with partner Ruben Sindo Acosta, with the poised creeping that has become familiar to those who’ve sought out this multidimensional performer in live performances over the past year. The two stalk each other in focused close-up shots, and as day melts into night, they crawl and tangle into each other, flowing with the rush of the EP’s standout track. As the final, oceanic swell of sound implodes into an unexpected coda on “Flamingo”, the lively swirl of drums and needling guitar replaced by a cushion of droning strings and an aching melody, the pair collapses but retains a tightness in their limbs - resting, but strained from their tense encounter.

We’re still hanging on every word, riff, or dance that the self-appointed MF BOSS materializes, and this latest revelation from Santos leaves a hidden door hanging tantalizingly open, waiting for her to push us through.