PREMIERE: Gillian Grogan - Sleeping In Your Gardens

sleeping in your gardenssss-01.PNG

By Gerard Marcus

At least once a year I wake up with a sudden urge to just leave where I am and go somewhere else. To have the freedom to just be and do whatever I want. But there are things, societal pressures, responsibilities, etcetera that inevitably get in the way. Sometimes though, you just have to go.

Gillian Grogan’s new single, “Sleeping In Your Garden,” is a gorgeous ode to free spirits trying to find the courage to be free. Grogan’s voice floats beautifully over rolling arpeggiated guitar. It weaves a tale of a protagonist who abandons a life as one is taught it should be lived, with stability, job security, set plans, and instead dives into the unknown, searching for a happiness they couldn’t find before. Grogan is always a fantastic lyricist, but in this new track is the harmonic sensibility of the melody really caught my ear, effortlessly creating tension in subtle moments that caught me off guard. Both choruses utilize this well, especially the doubled second chorus. These small moments of tension remind me of those feelings of escape. They’re the sound of someone taking a big leap into a pool of uncertainty and finding out the water feels great.