VIDEO PREMIERE: Cherubim - Rough Rider

Raquel Dalarossa

Brooklyn's Cherubim combine jazz, soul, R&B and folk to create moody and moving soundscapes. Though the band involves a revolving cast of instrumental contributors that help fill out the lush sound, it's ultimately anchored by vocalist and lyricist Alisha Roney and her counterpart, percussionist Joey Ziegler, who both also write and produce all of Cherubim's output.

The band released their debut eponymous EP last year (and took the time to stop by our very own Blue Room), and today they're releasing their first music video for the EP's single, "Rough Rider." Described as a "bittersweet homage to innocence and joy," the video is a lo-fi work shot entirely on iPhone, featuring scenes of childhood friendship filtered through a grainy but brightly colored lens. Inducing a strong nostalgia, it's a perfect complement for a track that starts out with a sweet, almost angelic tone, before swelling with joyous instrumentals and Roney's honeyed vocals.